Iron Stain Removal

If you have a well sprinkler system then you may have high amounts of iron in your well water.

Not all well will produce iron, it reaaly just depends onn your water table, aquifer that you have.

You can have a shallow well 25-45 feet and not experience iron stain.

This is a good thing, because if you have iron in your well water you will know by the stains that the iron leaves behind.

If you notice orange staining on sidewalks, driveways, side of home, fence or pool deck then you have iron in your well.

There are many ways to remove iron stains from may surfaces. If you are attempting to remove iron stains from cement then you should always pressure wash area before applying iron dissolvent.

If you are trying to remove iron stains from a painted surface, there is no prep needed, simply spray on the iron dissolvent, wait  5 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Repeat this process until stain is completely gone. Be patient, some stained areas will take multiple applications.

If you have white vinyl fencing that have well water iron stains on them you can simply spray needed areas with iron dissovent, will no prep and no rinse needed as well.

Once you have removed all the iron stains it is now time to install the Iron Stain Prevention System.

This system has no moving parts, requires no electricity and simply connects to your existing well pump system.

It is a syphon system that only works while your sprinkler system is running.

Same size as a trash can and is a 33 gallon tank that holds the Iron Stain Prevention Solution.

This solution is eco-friendly and will not harm plants, grass, pets or children.

The Iron Stain Solution simply suspends the iron in its original state which is clear.

Iron turns yellow / orange when it oxidizes.

So by introducing the solution to well water before it is introduced to the air it prevents it from turning from clear to that nasty stain.

If you have 4 sprinkler zones that run approx. 30 minutes each zone and 3 days week you will use approx 30 gallons every 2 months.

The first 90 days after installing the Iron Stain Prevention System there are a few adjustments that need to be made to fine tune the solution ratio.

Make sure you check all sprinkler heads and make needed adjustments to prevent water infringement.

Make sure no sprinkler heads are hitting fences, sidewalks, driveways, mailboxes or sides of home.

We hope that the above information was helpful and if you would like more information about Iron Stain Removal or Iron Stain Prevention Sytems you can find it here.


Flat Screen Installation

There are many different ways to install your Flat Screen TV & many different types of Flat Screen TV Mounts to choose from.

You must first choose a wall where you think that the TV would look best and be viewed from many different angles.

You must take notes and figure out what is inside the wall before starting drills and cutiing in wall.

Always check for 110v Power Outlets and understand that wires feed the outlets and to stay away from these.

It is also very important to check for plumbing lines that might feed a water supply on the otherside of the wall.

If you can access the home construction plans this will aid you in knowing what is in the wall.

However, just because you have the plans still be cautious when cutting and drilling .

Figure out if you have wood studs, alluminum studs or cement wall.

This will tell you what wall anchors you will have to use for the installation.

Once you have inspected the wall it is now time measure the size of the TV and figure out how high on the wall that you want the top of TV to be.

When hanging the Flat Screen TV Mount make sure you use a level, some ceilings and floors are not level so you want to double check that the mount is level even during installation.

Once TV Mount has been installed it is now time to run all needed wires in the wall. If you have a drywall installation then with a drywall saw cut a 3’’x3’’ square hole just below the TV Mount

Do the same 14’’ from the ground directly below.

With a fish runs each wire that you need from top to bottom hole.

Be patient, sometimes there are obstructions in the wall. If there is insulation it is best to use your glow stick kit to push though the insulation.

Connect all needed wires, power, HDMI,etc.

Now it’s time to hang the Flat Screen TV, Get a friend to help you lift it.

How’s it Look?

Great job!

We hope this information was helpful and you can find more information here.


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